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Business Value and Benefits of Migration

68% of organizations are accelerating the migration of on-premises databases to the AWS cloud. These migrations are the key enabler of strategic initiatives such as Digital Transformation, Application Modernization, and Data-Driven Enterprise. They allow to solve fundamental on-prem database issues with performance, flexibility, and cost and allow to achieve a significant business impact.



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As a trusted and experienced AWS Partner, DataArt helps customers address typical migration challenges by providing Consultative Database Assessments to accelerate and de-risk your migration journey. The assessment includes:

Fixed time and scope engagement (typically one or two weeks)

A consultative engagement conducted by experienced migration consulting engineers, with predefined scope and deliverables that covers both the “Assess” and “Mobilize” stages of the migration journey.

Automated analysis with AWS and Proprietary tools

  • Automated existing servers and database discovery and inventory creation
  • Semi-automated database migration analysis to identify potential migration risks and challenges
  • Assessment of AWS Partner Funding eligibility under the AWS program

Actionable deliverables

Expert recommendations on:

  • The most suitable migration strategy, whether it be Lift & Shift, Move to Managed, or Break Free
  • The best target database technology, including Relational RDS, Key-Value DB, Document DB, Graph, Ledger, Time Series, and others
  • The migration roadmap based on a prescriptive data migration methodology
  • The identification of a compelling business case supported by data migration Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and demos
  • How to take advantage of the AWS Funding Program (MAP) along with cost and time estimates to help clients plan their migration journey

Our Superpowers:

  • Advanced AWS consulting partner
  • More than just database migration: DataArt is a full-fledged AWS Migration Competency Partner
  • Extensive enterprise migration experience
  • Seasoned certified AWS experts
  • End-to-end execution: DataArt is a full-stack custom software development consultancy
  • Amazon RDS Delivery
  • Amazon DynamoDB Delivery
  • AWS Cloud Formation Delivery
  • AWS Lambda Delivery
  • Amazon API Gateway Delivery

Business Benefits

De-Risking Migrations

With professional assessment and planning, we address manual, time-consuming discovery issues, complex and error-prone migration processes, migration analysis duration, and cost.

Performance at Scale

AWS databases are designed for fast performance at any scale. Three to five times the performance, capable of supporting over 20 million requests/second.

Fully Managed

Fully managed services allow you to break free from the complexities of database administration. Serverless capabilities automatically scale based on demand.

Cost Effective

AWS databases provide security, availability, and reliability at one-tenth of the cost.

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