Azure Application Modernization by DataArt

DataArt’s Azure Cloud Application Modernization services provide the perfect pathway for your business to fully harness the power of cloud. Whether you are aiming to upgrade an existing application or start a comprehensive cloud migration journey, our experienced team is ready to guide you every step of the way.

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Unleash the Potential of Application Modernization with Microsoft Azure

Why settle for outdated, rigid applications when you can embrace the agility and scalability of Azure Cloud? Our Azure cloud application modernization experts will seamlessly migrate, transform, and optimize your applications, unlocking their full potential. The key benefits of application modernization on Azure Cloud include, but are not limited to:

Fast adoption of cloud-native services

State-of-the-art security

Increased business and operational performance

Cost optimization

Increased agility and scalability

Better business insights and decision-making

DataArt’s Offerings for Your Modernization Journey


Modernization for Cloud-Ready Applications

If your business is already using the cloud and wants to improve the applications you already have, we are here to help. Our experts will work closely with you to assess your existing cloud architecture, identify areas for improvement, and implement modernization strategies to optimize your applications within the cloud environment.

Implementing app modernization techniques on the Azure platform can significantly enhance the performance, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and security of your cloud-based applications.


Migration and Modernization for On-Premises Applications

If your business has not yet migrated to the cloud (but wants to!), our comprehensive offering combines cloud migration and modernization with Azure to ensure a seamless and effective transition. We will guide you through the entire process, from migrating your applications to Azure Cloud to modernizing them for optimal performance, enhanced security, and cost-efficiency in the cloud environment. By leveraging the power of Azure, we will help you achieve an effective architecture that maximizes the benefits of the cloud.

Azure Migration services by DataArt

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure by DataArt

DataArt recommends using Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure for cloud migration and modernization projects. It provides a comprehensive set of tools, best practices, and guidance that can help organizations easily plan, implement, and optimize the cloud adoption and modernization journey. The key benefits include:

cloud adoption

Structured and efficient cloud adoption and modernization journey

Cost optimization

Cost optimization through effective resource management and best practices

Services in secure

Usage of Microsoft Azure services in a secure and compliant manner

Microsoft Cloud Adoption
Framework Execution Lifecycle

Define strategy

Define strategy

Understand motivations
Business outcomes
Business justification
Prioritize project



Digital estate
Initial organization alignment
Skills readiness plan
Cloud adoption plan



Operating model
Landing zone concepts
Design area guidance
Implementation options






Risk insights
Business resilience
Asset protection



Business commitments
Operations baseline
Operations maturity



Business risks
Policy and compliance
Governance maturity

Why Trust DataArt for Azure Cloud Modernization?

  • DataArt is a Microsoft Solutions Partner.
  • DataArt is a Microsoft Azure Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner.
  • DataArt has been a Microsoft-certified partner for more than 20 years.
  • DataArt's engineers have deep knowledge in a variety of Microsoft Azure competencies, including Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Container Instances (ACI), Databricks, HDInsights, Cosmos DB, ML and Al with CVS.
  • DataArt developed and resealed a number of apps and services available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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Do not let your applications hold you back. It is time to unlock your true potential with Azure app modernization.

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Trust DataArt to be your dedicated partner on your Microsoft application modernization journey.

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